Spiritual and Liturgical Workshops

Saturday, September 21, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

at St. Francis of Assisi, Wilsonville, sponsored by the Diocese of Oregon

Diocese of Oregon

After a time of gathering and opening worship, attendees will have the option to of the following workshops to attend:

Acolyte Training                    Anglican Prayer Beads                 Book of Common Prayer 101

Centering Prayer                   Christian Yoga                             Eucharistic Minister training (EM)

Eucharistic Visitor  training (EV) (takes up three workshop slots)

Labyrinth Walk                     Lector Training                            Ministry Gifts and Skills

Morning Prayer                     Plainsong                                    Prayer Shawls

Praying the Daily Office         Praying with Icons                       Taking Ministry to the Streets

Lunch will be provided and the registration fee is $10. Please complete the form online to register at:


40th Anniversary Celebration

40th invitation

Sunday, September 29, 2019 we will celebrate 40 years as a parish      

Our parish began with a small gathering of dedicated people, and has grown into a lovely, lively church where we find both spiritual comfort and a deep sense of loving family.

As part of the reception, there will be a bouncy house on the front lawn for children to play in all morning.


In 2009, St. Francis celebrated our 30 years as a parish. At that time we decided to bury a Time Capsule. Our Deacon, Ken Russell, was in charge of putting it into the ground. Sunday, September 15, he will talk about this and answer our many questions:

Where is it buried?   What is in it?   When will we open it?

All this will be answered during his remarks at announcement time.


On Sunday, September 15, Apryl Garmon and Susy Mekarski will be in the narthex with colorful ribbons that will be later on hung from the chandeliers for the birthday . On these you are invited to write an accomplishment, and there are many, that this amazing church has done in its 40 years. It could be last week, last year, 40 years ago. Please think on this, and please add. Thank you. 

The 40th Anniversary Committee


We are all aware of Wisdom House-the charming former schoolhouse, Moose Lodge, and second home of St. Francis of Assisi.

But who is it named for?

On September 22, during announcement time, Bill and Linda Hammersley, long time parishioners, will tell us more about lovely Kathleen Wisdom, a faithful founder of our church.

Blessing of the Animals

St. Francis Day, Sunday, October 6, 8:00 am and 10:30 am

St. Francis will be celebrating the feast day of our patron saint, St. Francis of Assisi. St. Francis saw in all creation--animals, plants, stars, people—the beautiful evidence of God’s handiwork. We are so honored to share in the name of this beloved saint, and we all continually strive to be worthy of his name. On this day people are invited to bring their animals to church for a personal blessing during the service. It is both a fun, and yet very moving experience to have your little dog, cat, turtle or parakeet blessed and honored.

As part of the day, there will be a bouncy house on the front lawn for children to play in.

The open plate that day goes to the Clackamas Animal Shelter.


Upcoming Events

Notes & Reminders
Weekly Email Announcement - (September 12
, 2019)

Thursday, September 12

  6:00 am Coffee Creek Quilters
10:00 am Book Group
  7:00 pm AA Men's Study Group
Friday, September 13
  6:00 am Coffee Creek Quilters
10:00 am Al Anon
Saturday, September 14
  1:00 pm Pat Simmons’ Memorial Service
Sunday, September 15
  8:00 am Spoken Eucharist
  9:15 am Adult Formation
10:30 am Choral Eucharist
10:30 am Sunday School
Monday, September 16
  6:00 am Coffee Creek Quilters
11:45 am Ladies Lunch Out
  7:30 pm AA Meeting
Tuesday, September 17
  6:00 am Coffee Creek Quilters
  7:00 pm RA Meeting
Wednesday, September 18
  6:00 am Coffee Creek Quilters 
  4:00 pm Finance Committee
  7:00 pm Choir Rehearsal
  7:30 pm AA Men’s Study Group
Thursday, September 19
  6:00 am Coffee Creek Quilters
12:00 am Comfort Quilters Group
  7:00 pm AA Men's Study Group
Friday, September 20
  6:00 am Coffee Creek Quilters
10:00 am Al Anon
Saturday, September 21
  9:00 am Diocesan Liturgical Fair
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