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We try to wear name tags, and will offer you one, but wearing it is up to you. Same for filling out a Welcome Card. 
Episcopal Church

Visitors often wonder what to do during services when they first visit. Relax. Our entire service is printed in the bulletin you will be given.

At St. Francis, we invite you to join in the prayers, hymns and celebration of our Lord's resurrection with the knowledge that there is no "right" posture or gesture of worship.

You are invited to receive communion, if you choose. Or, you may come to the altar for a blessing; or remain seated.
Welcome to St Francis
How do I get to know other people?
Going to church on Sunday will seem like a hollow experience if you don't come to know other people in the congregation. 

So, watch for opportunities in the bulletin, in the newsletter or here on the web.
  • Stay for Coffee Hour
  • Attend the St. Francis welcome
  • Attend Adult Ed 
  • Add your name to our e-mail list 
  • Volunteer for anything that interests you

We have many people in our congregation who seek to create a comfortable, friendly atmosphere. 

As you drive into the parking lot, you will see our newly remodeled Bell Tower. The entrance is midway along the main building, facing I-5 and the parking lot.  

You may drop passengers at the door, then park. 

As you enter the building, there will be someone to greet you and offer directions to various ministry areas. 

Ushers will give you a bulletin as you enter the church.  The bulletin has most of the service in it, and the music will either be there or in a hymnal.  

During the service there will be prayers, music, readings from the Bible, and a sermon that we hope will give you something to sustain you throughout the week.  

We share 'the peace' by greeting each other, saying, "The peace of the Lord be with you."  

We have communion each Sunday, as a way to remember and celebrate that, for Jesus and his disciples, a shared meal served as a powerful sign of reconciliation and unity.  

When communion is offered, you may come forward to receive bread and wine or cross you arms for a simple blessing. Because this is the Lord's Table,`everyone is welcome. 
How do I become a member?
Pretty simple: 
  • if you have not been baptized, speak our priest or deacon.
  • if you have been baptized, speak to our priest or deacon.

We have St. Francis Welcome class, to introduce people to the basics of our beliefs as followers of Jesus and members of this congregation. 

And we offer an extended study of the life of faith, called Catechumanate ("The Cat" for short).  

Several times a year we offer opportunities to be officially welcomed into this congregation.

Statues of St Francis adorn our church in many places. Can you find the ones shown here?
We promise not to make you stand up, wave, or introduce yourself during the service.  But, we would like you to join us under the TV in the Narthex after the service. 
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