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August 18- September 29

Sedona Chapel Series

National award winning painter , Dyanne Locati exhibits her work inspired by reflections on the Sedona Chapel in Arizona. She divides her time between Milwaukie, Oregon and Arizona.

 “The Chapel of the Cross sits upon top of the red boulders in Sedona Arizona. This very modern Chapel is made of cement, rod iron and glass that overlook the beautiful view of red mountains and blue sky. I wanted the mood of the paintings to reflect looking out the glass windows through the symbols that are in the chapel.” These symbols follow throughout Locati’s series of paintings.
Dyanne’s art work often involves use of fluid acrylics on Yupo paper. A short description of her process is posted on the Narthex bulletin board. The use of texture, line and color are important to her abstract work. She is also a Zen Tangle enthusiast!  Inspired by the Sedona Chapel, Dyanne states “I want the viewer to feel the emotion of being in the Chapel – reverent and enlightened.”

The NARTHEX exhibit is open for public viewing Tuesdays – Fridays from 9-2 and Sundays 8-12:30.
Sedona Chapel - Reflections
Sedona Chapel - The Cross