Share the Season of Christmas with Others

Christmas is coming and we will eagerly reach out again to at least thirty five families. In their Christmas boxes there will also be a very special Christmas card from St. Francis.

Here are ways you can be a part of serving these families:

· Donate food, checks to purchase food and gift cards for families

· Take the names of one or more children to shop for

· Volunteer to drive (we hope that if you drove at Thanksgiving, you can drive again (please let us know).

· Saturday, December 21, at 9:00 am to sort food

· Volunteer to load up cars with boxes of food and gifts on Sunday, December 22. The Mission, Discipleship, Evangelism

  Committee gives you thanks! God bless our efforts.

Mary Ann Schroeder, For MDE

By Thursday, December 19, please bring food and gifts for Christmas for over 30 local families!

Please choose from the following list:

Canned corn or string beans        

Oranges, Tangerines        

Pickles and Olives    

Low Sugar Peanut Butter

Cheese, Crackers                        

Cookies, Candies, Cocoa, or other Christmas treats

Peanuts, Walnuts or other nuts    

Cornbread mix



Last Published: November 25, 2019 3:42 PM
Upcoming Events

Notes & Reminders
Weekly Email Announcement - (December 5
, 2019)

Thursday, December 5
  6:00 am Coffee Creek Quilters
12:00 am Comfort Quilters Group  
  5:45 pm Guys Nite Out
  5:45 pm Gals Nite Out
  7:00 pm AA Men's Study Group
Friday, December 6
  6:00 am Coffee Creek Quilters
10:00 am Al Anon
  4:00 pm Academy
Saturday, December 7
  8:00 am Academy
  9:00 am Coffee Creek Quilters
Sunday, December 8
  8:00 am Spoken Eucharist
  9:15 am Adult Formation 
  9:15 am Bread Baking Ministry
10:30 am Choral Eucharist
10:30 am Church School
Monday, December 9
  6:00 am Coffee Creek Quilters
11:00 am Men’s Prayer Group
  7:00 pm Bell Ringers Rehearsal
  7:30 pm AA Meeting
Tuesday, December 10
  6:00 am Coffee Creek Quilters
  7:00 pm RA Meeting
Wednesday, December 11
  6:00 am Coffee Creek Quilters 
12:00 pm Noon Eucharist
12:45 pm Church and Sacristy Cleaning
  1:00 pm Staff Meeting
  3:00 pm Finance Committee
  7:00 pm Bible Study
  7:00 pm Choir Rehearsal
  7:30 pm AA Men’s Study Group
Thursday, December 12
  6:00 am Coffee Creek Quilters
10:00 am Book Group
10:00 am Diocesan Fresh Start 
  7:00 pm AA Men's Study Group
Friday, December 13
  6:00 am Coffee Creek Quilters
10:00 am Al Anon
Saturday, December 14
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